Planning Your Happily Ever After Wedding: Part 1

Planning Your Happily Ever After Wedding: Part 1

Part One: Picking your Perfect Wedding Venue

Woohoo! You just got engaged! Congratulations galore, coming from family and friends! It feels great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is usually followed by the most intimidating question “When’s the date?” Don’t feel pressured by this. You and your new fiancé need to take some time to breathe and talk about your plans before you commit to a date. Ask yourself, is a date that important to the two of you? Imagine finding your dream venue and they “don’t have your date available.” This is where my first piece of advice comes in. Pick your venue before selecting your date. The path to finding the perfect venue can be challenging. So be sure to ask yourself the following questions to help narrow it down:

What do I want my photos to look like?

Remember this is the part of your wedding that will live on forever, beside your undying love for each other, of course. The most interesting wedding photo albums have variety. Consider what types of varied outdoor landscapes are available at your venue. Maybe you would prefer a more natural woodsy setting, a stunning beach backdrop, or those glamorous cathedral stairs? Natural light always makes for the most beautiful photos, so you’ll want to fit some outdoor photos during your event. Now think about your indoor shots, is the room you’re considering provide an interesting backdrop? Or is it just another empty rectangle? Choosing a space with interesting architecture will certainly liven up the shots of all the décor you’ve worked so hard at putting together. Look for interesting ceilings, rock work, big windows, and if you’re really lucky maybe even a view.

Do I want a destination wedding or is keeping it close to home important?

If your family is lucky enough to reside in a single location, keeping it close to home could be a great choice. It will ensure that all of your guests get to attend and won’t have to plan for extra transportation or lodging. On the flip side, who doesn’t love an excuse to get out of town for a couple of days? Planning ahead will give your guests plenty of time to prep for the trip. There are not many occasions in life that bring families together for a weekend, but your wedding will be one of them.

What is my ideal wedding size?

Determining your guest count will help you figure out which venue can best accommodate you. A small intimate wedding allows you to spend more quality time with each of your guests. It also can impact significantly on your budget. Most wedding venues offer per person pricing, so your count will be directly proportionate to overall cost. A large wedding assures that no one is left out and everyone gets to attend. It makes for a fun and lively night.

Am I going to have a child-friendly event?

If you are planning to have a lot of kids attending, considering offering a space (such as a craft table) that is friendly to them will be important. It will ensure that their parents and the rest of the crowd will have a good time. A little bit of outdoor space can be a great option. Kids love being outside, even if it’s just a small patio or deck area.

Once you have answered all of these questions, you will be well-prepared venue shoppers! You will be able to narrow in on your perfect venue based on the criteria you have developed. Remember to have fun throughout the process; you will eventually find the place that will be perfect for both of you!

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