Planning Your Happily Ever After Wedding: Part 2

Planning Your Happily Ever After Wedding: Part 2

Part Two: Choosing Vendors that are Right for You

You’ve booked your venue, you have pinned down a date and space to in which hold your Amazing Wedding. What’s next? Getting your vendors in place is going to be the next biggest piece of the puzzle. There is a lot to consider when deciding on who the perfect people are for this.

1. You will need an Officiant, someone to marry the two of you.

Considering that the most important thing about this big day is that you and your fiancé are married by the end of it, booking your Officiant is number one. There are many directions you can go in when it comes to your ceremony, and, your officiant will set the tone for the whole event. Think about Wedding Ceremonies you have seen and which seemed the most touching and enjoyable to you. Do you envision a traditional religious/spiritual ceremony? If this is the case, you would want someone that is familiar with the customs you are interested in including. Maybe a short and sweet ceremony unique to the two of you sounds more appealing? If so, consider a less traditional officiant. Either way, be sure to meet with your potential officiant in person to ensure that their way of conducting a ceremony will be in tune with your needs and wants.

2. You will need an MC to lead guests through the events of the Wedding and a DJ or Band to provide music for your ceremony and reception.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to music and entertainment for your event. Live bands are fun but can take up a lot of space. They also don’t offer quite as much versatility as a DJ would, but they can be more interesting to watch. If you are picturing a very elegant event with more mingling than dancing, consider a harpist or string quartet. Just remember when considering live musicians, that you will still need an MC for your event. If you’d like your guests to dance the night away and be able to request songs, a DJ is a way to go. A lot of DJ’s are MC’s as well, so they will be able to take care of both needs in one shot!

3. You will need a Videographer/Photographer to capture all the beautiful moments of the day.

After all the work you have put into your Wedding Day, who are you going to entrust with capturing everything? Finding a Videographer/Photographer that you makes you feel comfortable is number one, that way you’ll be able to relax while they capture the moments and memories. Another important factor is finding someone who is familiar with your location. If they are familiar with the location, they will know all the best spots to take photos and exactly what to capture.

4. You will need a Florist to provide centerpieces as well as personal floral for you and your wedding party.

Choosing the right florist can be tricky. There are so many to choose from and so many flower and arrangement types, where do you start? Seeing different flower types in person is key. Going to a florist with fresh flowers on hand, allows you to see different flower types in person and helps you to figure out which types speak to you. A great florist will be able to take the flower type you like and build around it. Asking to see photos of past work is important as well. You will be able to recognize their style and determine if it fits with your own.


There is nothing that screams Wedding Tradition quite like a beautiful Wedding Cake. There are so many options and decisions when it comes to this category. Size, Shape, Flavor, Décor, and Cake Topper. An experienced baker will be able to tell you exactly what size you will need for your guest count and guide you through the rest of the process. The most important thing when choosing this vendor is to try the cake yourself. Everyone has a different opinion on how a cake should taste, so you will feel a lot better about your purchase if you have personally tried it. Most bakeries will offer several different flavors in one cake so that you can provide a little variety of your guests.

6. You have the option of hiring a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator to organize all of your vendors and details of your event.

If you decide to have a Wedding Planner handle all of the details of your event, you need to find someone that you communicate well with. They need to be able to actualize and project manage your entire vision, which can be tricky if you aren’t on the same page. Coming up with a few simple interview questions to ask, when you’re interviewing your potential Wedding Planner, can help you get to know them and their taste.

A “Day of Coordinator,” is a nice option if you have all the preparations handled and just need some extra assistance on the day of. The “Day of Coordinator” will set up your décor and make sure all of your vendors arrive on time. They will also manage your ceremony and get you down the aisle! It’s a great service that helps things run smoothly. Often a friend or family member volunteers for this, but remember you want them to have a fun stress free day as well, so sometimes hiring an outside person for this is the best choice.

Ultimately, your wedding is about the two of you. The perfect vendors will make you feel comfortable and confident in the services they will provide.

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