3 Secrets to Build a Strong Team

3 Secrets to Build a Strong Team

Do you see a need to increase your team’s sense of purpose and cohesion? Maybe your team has been stuck behind computer screens for too long and would instead send each other emails than walk five feet to their desk. Perhaps your company has grown, bringing in new staff members and it’s time to get to know one another. In either scenario, it’s time to gather the staff and create a refreshed sense of team unity. But building a team that can communicate and works efficiently is no easy task, especially for a first time meeting planner. Here are three keys to successful teambuilding that we think will help.

1. Set Goals

As the meeting planner, it’s important to communicate the purpose of the event to your team. Be clear about what you want to achieve, other than a fun day out of the office. This will help set the tone for what kinds of activities would be best suited to reach the event objectives. For example, a Scavenger Hunt is a collaborative activity that can push teams to work together to produce results. Competitive activities like Beach Olympics allow individuals to own their actions by producing meaningful results.

2. Establish Team Leaders

Some people will want to be on the same team as the boss- the CEO, the Founder or the Director. Others may be most comfortable working with team members on their own level. It is best to select non-management staff as team leaders from the company based on their enthusiasm and integrity. Great leaders will encourage their team members to exchange ideas and participate in the task at hand. This will also prevent impressions of favoritism in the organization.

3. Organize An Event Away From The Workplace

The conference room at the office is just not the most inspiring place for teambuilding. Whether you pick a mountain resort, glitzy city or seaside retreat, it’s important to get the venue right. This will inspire the team outside of the meeting room so they can socialize, have fun and connect with one another. Consider activities that will balance the team’s abilities, interests, and demographics.

Hosting a teambuilding event will demonstrate to the staff that you appreciate them and are willing to invest in their success. It could also be exactly what is needed to recharge your staff’s batteries and refresh the office atmosphere to achieve future success.

For more information on Team Building, please contact Ashley Soria, Sales Manager of the Corporate Manager, Asilomar Conference Grounds.


Ashley Soria

Ashley Soria, Sales Manager, of Asilomar Conference Grounds. Ashley is a San Jose State alumnus with a passion for hospitality sales. She is an upbeat young professional that is excited to be joining the sales team at Asilomar Conference Grounds. She will focus on providing excellent service for groups in the corporate market. Ashley and her husband Joshua enjoy sharing the beautiful sights along the Monterey Peninsula with their two young children. If you would like to connect with Ashley Soria, please email soria-ashley@aramark.com.