Ashley Soria, Stage Director & Sales Manager

Ashley Soria, Stage Director & Sales Manager

As a sales manager at Asilomar Conference Grounds, I focus on sharing the wonderful meeting spaces and natural beauty of our property with potential groups. I target the Corporate Market, mainly in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and encourage them to “unplug” from the daily grind and reconnect with themselves, their coworkers and the ocean. Many groups I work with are interested in team building activities that you can do directly on Asilomar State Beach- like Beach Olympics, Survivor Games, and Scavenger Hunts.

I grew up in Watsonville, but feel just as at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains as the Monterey Bay. I was heavily involved in the Drama Club at Watsonville High School and majored in Theater while at San Jose State. My emphasis was in stage management, but I did perform as an actress on a few projects.

I find that my role as stage manager plays well in my position as a sales manager. The meeting planners that I work with are the directors of the event. I coordinate with reservations and conference services in the same way that I would have organized with costumes and set designers. When the attendees arrive for an event, it’s like the audience has arrived and the show must go on! Many of the skills I learned while working on college productions have helped me in the hospitality industry.

My husband Joshua and I were friends in high school. We started dating when I moved back home after college. We now have three beautiful kids. At home, our kids like to watch VHS tapes and listen to records. My husband and I joke that they watch movies the same way Mommy and Daddy did. We try to balance the nostalgia with the new technology since that seems to come so easy for kids. We have quite the adventure ahead of us, but we are pleased to be raising them on the central coast. We love the easy access to parks, beaches, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

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Ashley Soria

Ashley Soria, Sales Manager, of Asilomar Conference Grounds. Ashley is a San Jose State alumnus with a passion for hospitality sales. She is an upbeat young professional that is excited to be joining the sales team at Asilomar Conference Grounds. She will focus on providing excellent service for groups in the corporate market. Ashley and her husband Joshua enjoy sharing the beautiful sights along the Monterey Peninsula with their two young children. If you would like to connect with Ashley Soria, please email