10 Things to Do at the Beach

10 Things to Do at the Beach

Summer is almost here, and the beach is a must thing to do. A beach is a perfect place for family and friends of all ages. People can relax, read a book or get a tan; while others may be more active and want to do more outdoor activities. Whatever your preference here are 10 Things to do at the beach!

10. Searching for Sea Shells

Perfect for making jewelry or for treasuring moments at the beach!

tube of seashells

9. Take Pictures

Take on the role of being the author of your own story. Having pictures to reminisce your vacation with the family and friends are always fun. If not, good photos are always great for your Instagram account!

iphone with camera open and photo on screen

8. Ride a bike

Riding a bike along the beach is always nice to do especially if you are near a beach with so much beautiful scenery. Maybe you will perchance see someone from the cast of Big Little Lies.

people riding bikes on beach trail

7. Read a book

Having a nice book to read on the beach is always relaxing plus you can get in a nice tan on those sunny days!

Sibley Birds West book open on bench

6. Play Volleyball

Many families' best memories are during a volleyball game on the beach.

2 men playing beach volleyball

5. Build a Sand Castle

Building a sand castle is always an exciting team bonding activity, and the kiddos love it too!

sand sculpture on the beach in the shape of an octopus

4. Picnic

Picnics on the beach are always a must thing to do especially in the evening if you would like a romantic setting for you and your partner.

picnic basket filled with food on the beach

3. Fly a Kite

Flying a kite always brings a smile to peoples’ faces especially if it’s your first time.

2. Surfing

Catching some waves is also a must thing to do at the beach!

man surfing on medium wave

1. Watch the Sunset on the Beach!

Asilomar State Beach is known for its most beautiful sunsets. While enjoying the view, make sure to attend our Sunset Music Series.

woman walking on boardwalk towards a sunset over the beach

For more information on Asilomar Conference Grounds, please our Things To Do page.


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