A Commitment to Green Practices, Engaging Staff and Guests, and Evolving Sustainability

A Commitment to Green Practices, Engaging Staff and Guests, and Evolving Sustainability

Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds is at the forefront of sustainable waste management practices, with recycling and composting as essential components of their approach. Our strong commitment to proper sorting and effective recycling, Asilomar showcases their dedication to waste reduction and environmental impact mitigation. Their diversion rate is currently at 49.50%, up from 46.27% last year, indicating a positive trend in waste management. From the dining hall’s tickets made of recycled paper to the compostable plates and cups, Asilomar exemplifies the power of recycling and composting in creating a more sustainable future. Through their efforts, Asilomar has witnessed a positive trend where composting rates are increasing while trash generation is decreasing.

Staff and Guest Engagement

The success of the recycling and compost programs at Asilomar relies heavily on staff and guests' involvement. Our staff actively participates in daily and weekly meetings, emphasizing the importance of waste reduction and proper waste separation. These meetings often lead to innovative ideas, such as the introduction of a centralized fruit and pastries platter, which reduces waste while enhancing the guest experience. At Asilomar, educating guests about conscious eating habits plays a large role in reducing food waste. To promote awareness and encourage responsible food choices, Asilomar implements education initiatives, such as table tents, to engage and inform guests about mindful consumption and waste reduction. We encourage guests to actively participate in recycling and composting, Asilomar fosters a culture of sustainability.

Evolving Sustainability

Over the past two decades, Asilomar’s recycling and composting programs have evolved and adapted to meet changing needs and best practices. Their longevity in sustainability efforts demonstrates their ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. Asilomar extends their dedication to waste reduction even during catering events, opting for compostable cups, plates, and recyclable service ware. In addition, the dining hall meal tickets are printed on recycled paper, further emphasizing Asilomar’s commitment to sustainability. We prioritize sustainability in all aspects of their operations, Asilomar ensures that even special occasions align with their broader commitment to a greener future. Through their continued efforts, Asilomar has seen an increase in composting rates while witnessing a decrease in overall trash generation.

Asilomar’s Green Commitment

At Asilomar Conference Grounds, waste management is taken to the next level with an impressive display of sustainable practices. Thanks to the active participation of staff and guests alike, waste segregation is executed flawlessly, and education initiatives keep everyone informed and invested in the cause. Even during catered events, Asilomar's commitment to eco-friendliness remains steadfast, ensuring a greener future for all. The latest statistics show a diversion rate of 49.50%, a notable increase from last year's 46.27%. This success is a result of the effectiveness of their recycling and composting programs, which greatly reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate their dedication to responsible waste management. By continually improving their composting rates and reducing trash generation, Asilomar is setting a shining example of environmental stewardship and waste reduction.


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