Keeping it Local

Keeping it Local

Many businesses in the Hospitality and Leisure industries are so focused on branding, engaging and growing their businesses with a new clientele that sometimes they forget about the people next door. These individuals can help grow your business. Besides, you get to provide memorable experiences to your community.  It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to meet different prospects needs but don’t forget about the needs and wants of your community.

Increases Revenue

Locals should be considered your ongoing business especially if you offer leisure activities and services open to the public. If your café or restaurant is walking distance, consider a happy hour or a locals discount to grow foot traffic. It’s horrifying to hear when locals have no idea what services are open to the public. Many are unaware that they do not have to be staying at your location to enjoy all amenities. By creating awareness of your amenities, you will encourage locals to spend money on retail stores, spas, restaurants, and recreational activities. This is especially important during your slow season. Also, keeps taxpayers’ money local. Think about all the opportunities missed because of lack of information and communication.

Stronger Community Relationships

When targeting locals, remember you are inviting them to experience your brand and culture. People buy from those they like. Always do your best not only to provide excellent customer service but to offer a more meaningful experience by a simple smile, heartwarming welcome, introduction, or plain thank you. Grow your relationships with the community by collaborating with other organizations like your local Chamber, Visitors Bureau or other local agencies. By doing so you learn from each other and might be able to target a larger slice of the pie.

Escape from Work & Life

We all have two places we go to every day. Work and home. Both things can consume all hours of your day, and everyone needs a little fun at times. What better way to relax than with nightlife, like a music series out on the deck or BBQ area. Maybe a movie night on the beach? Attend a cultural event. Go wine or beer tasting in a garden or on the beach? Go surfing or on a bike ride? Follow some outdoor walking trails. If your business offers these type of after hour events I am positive you will become very popular within the community.  Everyone needs a place to escape from all stress and day to day challenges.

Referral Program

Locals will also help in the referral process. People interested in your services will rely on what others have to say about their experiences using sites like Yelp or trip advisor. However, those that know people in your area will rely on their knowledge and feedback. It's notable if locals know and like your brand they will give you a great referral.

For more information on local events and things to do in the area, please contact Vanessa Parra, Marketing Manager, Asilomar Conference Grounds.


Vanessa Parra

Vanessa Parra, Marketing Manager, of Asilomar Conference Grounds holds a B.S. in Graphic Communication from CAL POLY, San Luis Obispo, CA. She comes with experience in Marketing & Sales. She is recognized for growing strategic relationships with clients and businesses. Social Media is her Marketing tool of preference to increase engagement and brand awareness. She also enjoys spending time at Pumpkin Patches with her husband and daughter on her free time. If you would like to reach out to Vanessa, please email her at