The 72 Hour Plan for a Great Trade Show Experience

The 72 Hour Plan for a Great Trade Show Experience

Recently I was asked to represent my company at a trade show in Las Vegas at 4:55 PM on a Friday because a colleague couldn’t attend. The challenge? The show started on Monday! Even with this type of short notice, this was not an opportunity that I was going to pass by! Trade shows are a great place to meet potential clients face to face and an opportunity to highlight your product to a receptive audience.  The main trade show logistics had already been handled – appointments were already scheduled and our booth was top notch. The challenge was in preparing myself on very short notice – here’s what I did over the weekend to get ready:

  1. Check out the location and determined whether or not I wanted to stay at the host hotel or should make other arrangements. I elected to stay at the host hotel since most of the other attendees would also stay there and that makes it an excellent location to network both during the show and “off hours”.
  2. Made airline reservation – this was a short-term booking, but I managed to find good rates.
  3. Researched the show I was attending and reviewed the attendee and exhibitor profiles.
  4. Download the show app onto my mobile device, they’re a great resource to stay engaged with the show and attendees.
  5. Researched the preset appointments to find out as much information about the prospects before meeting.
  6. Determined what the dress code was and packed accordingly. I’ve learned to think feet first and wear comfortable shoes when attending events such as this. I also layered my clothing because convention halls can have varying temperatures throughout the event.
  7. Determined what promotional items I would be bringing along for appointments. Keep in mind you don’t want to overload your suitcase with bulky items
  8. Uploaded my digital sales collateral and photos to my tablet in order to share some highlights of my hotel. I also packed some hard copy collateral material as a backup.
  9. Brought my laptop to check emails and process the show leads.
  10. Planned on having fun – Viva Las Vegas!


For more information on booking events or meeting space for the Association Market, please reach out to Denise Morton, Senior Sales Manager, Asilomar Hotel & Conference Grounds.


Denise Morton

Denise Morton is our new Senior Sales Manager for the Association Market. She has been in sales for all of her working career. Found her passion when starting in the hospitality industry as a catering manager seven years ago at a property in Morro Bay CA. She has worked in the Monterey area since 2012. She is active in CALSAE and a current ambassador for the Monterey County Hospitality Association MCHA. She was designated ambassador of the year for 2016. Please contact Denise at with any questions regarding future bookings.